Circus Doll


+Redrum+ has released some wonderful bunny outfits, some are exclusively at Genre the one I’m wearing is in store.


The skin is from [Pink Fuel] currently only for sale at The Skin Fair. The Skin Fair is the lowest lag event I’ve never been too, the sims and stores are so well designed.


Antlers: +Half-Deer+ by Halogen Magic exclusively @ The Arcade

Bunny ears, outfit and tail: +Redrum+ by Mzzy Wytchwood 119L

Eyes: Pulse

Eye Lashes: Redgrave

Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks

Skin, lip tattoo and brow shape: [Pink Fuel]  by Mochi Milena currently only for sale at The Skin Fair. Also wearing her curvy girl tattoo layer cleavage 1.  Mochi made to new tones with this skin Porcelain and Caramel, I’m wearing the Porcelain.

Necklace: .Olive.  exclusively @ The Arcade

Doll Key: The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly

Doll Key Hole tattoo: by me work in progress

Doll Joints: Rotten Toe by Elsa Liebknecht

Feet: Gos Boutique by Gospel Voom

Poses: Location or Tuty’s – ELECTRIC BARBARELLA Robotic AO

Location: * The Fetish Circus * Adult Sim but I didn’t see any nude photos or sex pose balls in my exploring.


Dreaming of Summer


I’m still here, March is always a hellish month for me. I’m looking forward to summer time, so I thought I’d take a beach photo.

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to take this blog in. I have the most fun just staging and taking photos, so I think that will be the focus instead of always trying to keep what I’m wearing being the newest release from whatever popular store. I like looking around for new nice freeibies and cheapies so those will still be featured.

Hair: Clawtooth: Doolittle Prize 1 by Bubbles Clawtooth exclusively @ The Arcade

Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Gacha – 04 – Ghost by Mochi Milena exclusively @ The Arcade

Bathing Suit: [ Attitudes ] Summer 2012 group gift by Samia Bechir in world store and marketplace are MIA right now, this has happened once before because the owner got busy in first life.  I should have checked on the store before I took the photo but it was there last month so I made the wrong assumption.

Doll Joints: Rotten Toe by Elsa Liebknecht linking to marketplace because the in world store seems to be gone as well? I don’t even know what is going on today with my lack of luck.

Location: A friends place.

Alice and Malice


Alice and Malice have been very naughty twin sisters.


Alice is wearing:

Dress and hand tattoo layers: The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly – Twisted Hunt gift.

Pose: aDORKable by Adorkable Peapod – part of the Blogger Bubble freebie pack.


Malice is wearing:

Dress: Kita’s Sideshow by Kita Whitefalcon. Drusilla and Kita worked together on the dresses for the Twisted Hunt so they mirror each other.

Pose:  Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

Both are wearing:

Hair base: Truth by Truth Hawks

Skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix

Black eyes: Part of the The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly twisted cube freebie.

Face tattoo layer:  +Redrum+ gift from the Poison Mushroom side hunt.

Feet: Gos Boutique by Gospel Voom

Set: Dekute Dekore  by Debil Skute – Twisted Hunt gift.  First photo uses poses in the item.

Twisted Hunting


After 3 days of during the Twisted Hunt I felt the need to curl up in a ball for a while, and I’m not even close to being half way done yet.


Cube Eyes and tattoo layer: The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly – Twisted themed freebie. The eyes are the same texture as the cube you look for.

Ear Rings: Secrets of Gaia by Rox Arten – Hunt Gift

Outfit: Dare Designs by Dare Munro – Hunt Gift I removed the skirt for the top photo. This outfit as lots of options: vender image

Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks

Skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix

Location: Skybox hunt gift MiChiGaNs ShAcK by 2WAT Michigan