Wrapped up in Pastels

wrapped up in pastel redo 4

So after I got my inventory somewhat under control I had to go out and get new stuff because I have a shopping problem.

I grabbed two of the gifts from the Lavender Hill Hunt each gift is 5L.

Horn: +Half-Deer+ by Halogen Magic – I moved it from the original location of in the middle of the forehead because I thought that would look better with this hair. Lavender Hill Hunt Item. 5L

Dress: Leri Miles Designs by Leri Miles – Lavender Hill Hunt Item. 5L

Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks

Skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix

Eyes: Pulse

Eye Lashes: Redgrave

Pose and Fence: Glitterati by Katey Coppola, Free with 10 great poses.


Organizing the Closet


Since February is winding down and the March hunts will be starting soon I decided today would be a good day to really get my inventory sorted out before it turned in to madness again.

I saw another flickrite wearing these panda’s yesterday and just had to have them I’d link them but I closed the tab and I’m looking over the photo when I try to find it again.

Panda’s: D-LAB 30L Gatcha

Eye Makeup: Mock Cosmetics Mega effn’ lash Mascara & Party all night Purple Group Gift sent 2/24 currently still in notices 250L to join.

Dress: Dark Midday Designs I love the mix of mesh and flex, and the little details are so wonderful.

Boots: lassitude & ennui If I’m not wearing my Gos Boutique I’m probably wearing these. They just work so well with the dolly look I enjoy.

Skin: Curio

Hair: Truth

Eyes: Pulse

Pose and Closet:  Glitterati Free!  The detail and poses are wonderful, just be warned it is 55prims.


Flowers and Bone


I’m not sure I could have worn more designers if I tried so I’ll just start from the top.

Horns: Brat Inc Free but don’t seem to be out anymore.
Hair: Truth Grazia – pecan that I tinted hex 78000b.

Eyes: Pulse

Wings: The Little Bat Free from Lucky Chair

Skin: Curio Party Girl Pure

Lipstick: Mock Cosmetics Sarah Jane’s Bloody Lipcolor Group Gift sent 2/15 currently still in notices 250L to join.

Heart Tattoo:  +Half-Deer+ PMVH gift, no longer out, sorry!

Tube Top: Evale Mesh and only comes in 2 sizes so do try the demo.

Nail Color: The Little Bat

Jeans: Koko

Boots: lassitude & ennui

Pose: Diesel Works

Relax and Look around


While walking around today I ran into an old man, at first I was worried my tail and horns would scare him, but he just smiled and invited me to sit down. After telling me to always take time to relax and enjoy the world around me he went silent and just sat petting his dog. After resting on the bench I decide to take the old mans advice and explore the near by area.


The shirt and ring are hunt gifts for the Junk food Junkies hunt. each item is 1L.

Shirt: {le fil casse} This shirt is a wonderful causal shirt, well shaded and comes in 6 colors for only 1L with the Junk food Junkies hunt.

Ring: +Half-Deer+ 1L Junk food Junkies Hunt gift.

Horns and Tail: Kre-ations Bubbly Heart and Pimp my Valentine hunt gifts. As of this posting they are both still out.

Shorts: Mon Tissu

Hair: Truth

Skin: Curio Project Fur Japan exclusive no longer available.

Feet: Gos Boutique

First photo – part of build
Second photo – aDORKable part of the Blogger Bubble freebie pack.
Third photo – aDORKable Floored pack one.

Location: The Daydream Sanctuary

Sweet or Sour


Thanks to Fab Free I learned that the biannual cart sale starts today at The Wash. Everything on the carts around the sim is for sale for only 10L!


Dress: Essencial @ The Wash 10L

With system layers and prim part skirt I think this is adorable as much as I love mesh I don’t always want it on. If you do want a cupcake mesh dress go to the main store (slur is linked in the name) and they have out an mesh dress with a different cupcake design on it.

Pose: aDORKable another wonderful freebie. with all the fun I’ve had with her free poses and props this store as at the top of my list for when I go pose shopping. 3 poses with 3 doll props and the needles to attach to your mouth and hand.

Hair: Truth exclusive for Collabor88.

Skin: Curio

Feet: Gos Boutique

Horns: Brat Inc used to be out as a free gift, they may be in the lucky board.  I wish I had blogged them before the gift was picked up because the texture is lovely.

Location: The Far Away, every time I tp to this land I cross my fingers and hope that it is still there. It is so lovely that if it ever goes away I will be very sad.