Canceled Plans


Whats a girl to do after she a last minute cancellation? My solution is to spend the night with a good book.

Hair: Truth – Coco [Braid] plus VIP Bangs
Skin: Pink Fuel
Shirt: Blueberry First Luxe Box
Skirt: ISON – front zipper skirt – Jan. 2017
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Alchemilla – Jan. 2017


Hair: Truth – Coco [Braid] plus VIP Bangs
Skin: Pink Fuel Sabine Catwa applier.
Eyes: Catwa Mesh Eyes.
Lashes: [okkbye] Chunky Lashes Jan. 2017 Powder Pack
Eye Shadow: Zibska – Tilia Jan. 2017 Powder Pack
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Jan. 2017 Powder Pack

Poses used in both photos are from oOo Studio: Curvaceous.

As of this post [Okkbye] doesn’t have an inworld store but her profile says one is coming soon. If I didn’t credit something and you want to know where it is from, feel free to ask.

Luxe Box Jan. pt. 1


I loved nearly everything in this months box.
Hair: Truth Hair Kora – Past Epiphany Gacha item along with the VIP bangs gift from Dec.
Collar: Violent Seduction– Floral Collar
Shirt: Stories&Co. – Choker Knit Top – Luxe Box Jan. 2017
Skirt: Blueberry – Luxe Box – Denim Skirts – Luxe Box Jan. 2017
Boots: #EMPIRE – Hellebore – Luxe Box Nov. 2016
House – Scarlet Creative Catskills Lodge – Luxe Box Jan. 2017
Couch – Scarlet Creative Stirling Sofa Blue Leather – Group gift sent out in notices.

The only thing the I’m meh about are the shoes from #Empire, but they might grow on me.  The boots in the next photos I didn’t like them from the moment I put them on, but then later when trying on other outfits I was thinking oh the Honesty boots would look great.


Hair: Truth – Karlie
Shirt & Skirt: Foxes  – Luxebox January 2017
Boots: #EMPIRE – Luxe Box Dec. 2016
House – Scarlet Creative Aria Cottage 2 – Part of one of the luxe boxes.

Poses used in both photos are from oOo Studio: Curvaceous

If you missed out on this month Luxe Box you can still join the group for 3,000L.  At the start of each month before the box is put out it cost 1,500L to join.   Once in the group you can use the group tag to tp to the store and buy the past boxes.

Dressed by Blueberry


A new profile photo since I’m wearing the Catwa: Catya head all the time now.  I have to praise Catwa’s wonderful customer service.  I was lucky enough to be given the Catya head as a gift, but in order to get a redeilvery or update I would have to ask my friend to do it for me.  I sent her a brief notecard and followed the instructions in her profile and was sent the update and can now get the re-deliveries myself.

Skin: Pink Fuel Sabine Catwa applier.
Hair: Truth – Cinnamon with Bangs Collection VIP gift Dbl side wavy.
Collar: Violent Seduction – Floral Collar
Shirt – Blueberry – Jolly Holidays – Gift Mini Sweater
Hand jewlery: EarthStones Beautiful Slave Bracelet – Moonstone
Pants: Blueberry – Cake
Shoes: Reign Anaiya Boots (Maitreya-Mid) 3rd Anniversary Gift
Pose: Adorkable Floored

I’m working on trying to get my inventory organized and updating my CTS Wardrobe. So I’ve been in my Blueberry folder doing that. Which means I remember I have this stuff and look like I’ve been sponsored 😀


Hair: Truth – Sugar VIP gift
Pose/Prop: Project Puppet: Sweet as Sin
Used the mouth pose hud that come with the Catya head.
Dress: Blueberry Secret – Sky


Hair: Truth – Deja VIP gift
Bubble Gum: Catwa – Bubble gum for Catya.
Top: Blueberry – Rachel Summer Top
Skirt: Blueberry – Rachel Summer Skirt
Shoes: Reign – Melrose Heels
Pose: **//elephante poses// Beautiful Hangover *Feb ’15 Sub Gift*

To farther share my shopping problem I was using my gift card, at the NYE sale and accidentally double purchased the Melrose Heels, being greedy for Reign, I peeked at Reign’s profile and followed the instructions to let her know.  She kindly refunded me the second purchase.

Reflections on the past year


Truth Hair – Xia

Pink Fuel – Sabine Catwa applier

Violent Seduction – Floral Collar

Dress & Shoes: Blueberry – Showtime – Angel from Dec 2016 Arcade

Pose: Focus Pose – Vanity Table

This has been an interesting year.  If I evaluate it, just thinking about the things that directly happened to me, it was one of the best years of my life.   If I look at the bigger picture things that happened to my close friends and family, along with world events it was shitty.

I’m looking forward to the good things 2017 will bring and I trust that we will be strong enough to handle the bad.

Thanks to the Sabine skin by Pink Fuel I will be facing the new years in the Catwa – Catya head.  This is my first time using a mesh head.  I’m looking forward to when Maitreya with release the bento hands.  Just wish we knew when that would be.

Since I forgot to do a blog post for this photo I will do now:


Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx

Hair: Doe – Punkin – It is a gacha so will probably be in the back of the store now.

Head Piece: Half-Deer  Eternum Antlers (Mermaid) RARE from an Arcade round ages ago, I think the machine is in the store.

Pet: Half-Deer Mermaid’s Majesty – Mer-Moo RARE

Outfit: Candy Doll Ariel Gacha item sorry I don’t remember the event.

Body chains: Zaara : Raksha

Bracelet: Half-Deer Mermaid’s Majesty – Sea Glass Bracelet – Ocean

Pose: Adorkable – Carats no longer has an in-world store and isn’t on her mp.

Circus Doll


+Redrum+ has released some wonderful bunny outfits, some are exclusively at Genre the one I’m wearing is in store.


The skin is from [Pink Fuel] currently only for sale at The Skin Fair. The Skin Fair is the lowest lag event I’ve never been too, the sims and stores are so well designed.


Antlers: +Half-Deer+ by Halogen Magic exclusively @ The Arcade

Bunny ears, outfit and tail: +Redrum+ by Mzzy Wytchwood 119L

Eyes: Pulse

Eye Lashes: Redgrave

Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks

Skin, lip tattoo and brow shape: [Pink Fuel]  by Mochi Milena currently only for sale at The Skin Fair. Also wearing her curvy girl tattoo layer cleavage 1.  Mochi made to new tones with this skin Porcelain and Caramel, I’m wearing the Porcelain.

Necklace: .Olive.  exclusively @ The Arcade

Doll Key: The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly

Doll Key Hole tattoo: by me work in progress

Doll Joints: Rotten Toe by Elsa Liebknecht

Feet: Gos Boutique by Gospel Voom

Poses: Location or Tuty’s – ELECTRIC BARBARELLA Robotic AO

Location: * The Fetish Circus * Adult Sim but I didn’t see any nude photos or sex pose balls in my exploring.

Dreaming of Summer


I’m still here, March is always a hellish month for me. I’m looking forward to summer time, so I thought I’d take a beach photo.

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to take this blog in. I have the most fun just staging and taking photos, so I think that will be the focus instead of always trying to keep what I’m wearing being the newest release from whatever popular store. I like looking around for new nice freeibies and cheapies so those will still be featured.

Hair: Clawtooth: Doolittle Prize 1 by Bubbles Clawtooth exclusively @ The Arcade

Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Gacha – 04 – Ghost by Mochi Milena exclusively @ The Arcade

Bathing Suit: [ Attitudes ] Summer 2012 group gift by Samia Bechir in world store and marketplace are MIA right now, this has happened once before because the owner got busy in first life.  I should have checked on the store before I took the photo but it was there last month so I made the wrong assumption.

Doll Joints: Rotten Toe by Elsa Liebknecht linking to marketplace because the in world store seems to be gone as well? I don’t even know what is going on today with my lack of luck.

Location: A friends place.